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The Vidoori approach utilizes an unyielding focus on innovation, quality delivery, and effective integration of industry best practices.


How Cloud-Native Can Benefit Federal IT Systems

Vidoori’s Software Developer, Brandon Hertel, discusses the benefits of cloud-native with Federal Tech Podcast.

The discussion begins with the difference between cloud and cloud-native.

Embracing a Cloud-Native Mindset in Federal Agencies

Over two-thirds of federal agencies utilize the cloud for mission-critical applications.
As the progression to cloud continues, a cloud-native approach is vital for federal agencies.

Achieving Excellence: Passing ISO Surveillance Audit

What is the value of passing the ISO Surveillance Audit and why should our partners and clients care?

We share our perspective on the significance of these certifications.


We value teamwork and developing strong connections with our clients. Vidoori’s focus on constant collaboration and proper technology implementation are vital to reaching the desired end results.

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The Vidoori Performance Testing (VPT) software provides large scale, on-demand, performance testing capability. This software is a cost-effective solution for cloud application capacity and response testing.

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We take pride in our collaborative and supportive culture where professionals from different backgrounds and career paths work together towards a common goal. Vidoori is a diverse family where everyone adds value, and each voice is heard. At Vidoori, we strive to put our people first and support their career growth.