Vidoori Resumes Work on $173M Contract Award for Enterprise Testing Support Services

Vidoori resumes work on $173 million contract award to provide Enterprise Testing Support Services for the Census Bureau.

Vidoori Awarded $7.3M Contract to Modernize U.S. Census Bureau’s CMMU System for 2030 

Vidoori has been awarded a three-year, $7.3 million contract to support the modernization of the U.S. Census Bureau’s (USCB) Clerical Matching and Map Update (CMMU) system.

How Cloud-Native Can Benefit Federal IT Systems

Vidoori’s Software Developer, Brandon Hertel, discusses the benefits of cloud-native with Federal Tech Podcast.

The discussion begins with the difference between cloud and cloud-native.

Embracing a Cloud-Native Mindset in Federal Agencies

Over two-thirds of federal agencies utilize the cloud for mission-critical applications.
As the progression to cloud continues, a cloud-native approach is vital for federal agencies.

Achieving Excellence: Passing ISO Surveillance Audit

What is the value of passing the ISO Surveillance Audit and why should our partners and clients care?

We share our perspective on the significance of these certifications.

The Partnership Between Administrative and Synthetic Data

Synthetic data generated from administrative data offers an effective solution to security concerns.

Generating real world, high quality data is useful for gaining valuable insights.

The Role of Synthetic Data in Software Development

Vidoori’s Data Practice Lead, Thomas George, talks with Federal Tech Podcast about the value of synthetic data.

They cover many topics from the privacy of civilian data to innovations such as Chat GPT.

Launch of Digital Dreamers Initiative

Digital Dreamers is aimed at providing students with access to resources they need in today’s digital world.

The initiative also supports educators responsible for guiding the education process.

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