Killware is the Next Big Cyber Security Threat

Vidoori Vice President of Strategy and Solutions, Brian Erickson, is featured as a contributor in the February 2022 edition of  Cyber Defense Magazine.

Erickson, a retired Navy Captain, served 26 years in the Naval aviation and information warfare communities. This provides him with firsthand insight regarding the impact of killware on military operations and how it threatens cybersecurity. The article focuses on how killware poses a threat to the ever-changing digital battlefield. As the article states, “while the term may be new to members of the military – adversaries have been targeting defense systems for decades to disrupt communications and endanger the lives of our armed forces.”

Erickson was active in the cybersecurity community during his days as a Senior Naval Officer (Captain/06) and continues his engagement with this community as part of the Vidoori leadership team. Erickson leads Vidoori’s internal Cybersecurity Working Group that aims to identify innovative approaches to addressing cybersecurity threats via the use of existing and emerging technologies. The Cybersecurity Working Group is composed of Vidoori security experts that have an array of experience supporting federal and commercial organizations to develop offensive and defensive protection strategies. In addition to identifying innovations for protection, the group also shares insights regarding existing threats and security vulnerabilities on the horizon.
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Vidoori remains committed to the safety of our clients by providing cybersecurity solutions that support offensive and defensive threat protection strategies. This approach helps clients to deal with existing threats and anticipate future threats.