Annual Event Recognizes Team and Community

Vidoori’s annual corporate party is a highly anticipated event that brings the entire team together to celebrate the hard work of its employees. This year’s party was no exception, as the team was excited to come together for the first time in two years to celebrate employee achievements and highlight Vidoori’s commitment to delivering excellence for clients and the community.  

The party was held at the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel at the D.C. Wharf and provided a great time for engagement with fellow Vidoori team members and their families, along with corporate and community partners. The evening featured a program hosted by radio and television personality Guy Lambert. The program reflected on the impact of Vidoori’s involvement in the community and continued commitment to excellence

Since 2017, Vidoori has been a dedicated supporter of the American Heart Association (AHA). Dr. Bryan O. Buckley, a Board Member of the AHA, shared the impact of Vidoori’s commitment with attendees. This impact included support for the AHA’s efforts to end the sale of flavored tobacco in the District of Coumbia, which safeguarded the health of over 130,000 school-age kids. Dr. Buckley also highlighted Vidoori’s support of the AHA’s CPR and stroke education awareness program for over 6,000 local families.  

The evening also featured an opportunity for attendees to publicly hear about Vidoori’s newest program – the Digital Dreamers initiative. J.O. Wilson Elementary School in Washington, D.C. is the first school to participate in the initiative. Principal Mitchell Brunson took the stage to share the impact of being a part of the initiative and expectations for the future.  

The evening was a reminder of the importance of the work Vidoori does and its impact for those we serve. The program concluded with CEO Trong Bui emphasizing Vidoori’s core values and the importance of every team member. “We are a family. That is how we started and it is how will continue to operate,” noted Bui during his closing remarks.