Proven integrated solutions and software for intelligent reporting and insights.

Our Intelligence and Data Management capabilities allow you to use data to drive business decisions. This includes understanding how to apply artificial intelligence to yield the results that drive real outcomes for your business.

Data Expertise

From data collection through to analysis and real time display, we have leveraged cloud or internally hosted services to give the business insights into the their operations, identify risk and bottlenecks.

Our solutions integrated information from multiple data source to display real-time metrics for organization, government and civilian activities.

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We have experience in handling large amounts of data from IoT devices such as those in smart cities and buildings and know how to apply scalable architectures that can sustain the spikes in traffic and keep your data secure.

Integrated Business Intelligence

Our intelligent applications combine business data analytics and rules with historical data and statistical inputs. Integrate information from multiple data sources to display real-time metrics for organization, government and civilian activities.

Use the cloud or secure internal networks to gather data from projects, finance and other areas to provide insight regarding future behavior and how to reduce risk.

Portfolio Investment Management

Harness the power of real-time visibility into investment performance, from budget allocation to the collection of actual costs. Measure investments against program and project success to support improved decision making, spending allocation and accountability.

Facial Recognition

Biometrics continue to advance and offers a high degree of identification accuracy. Facial recognition biometrics provide a contactless mechanism for individual identify to be confirmed.

Our Facial recognition solutions utilize face detection that is used to detect faces in an image, verify faces against a repository and detect emotions.

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In the expanding world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), security and surveillance continue to be of interest. The ability of drones to provide aerial assessment of activities on the ground make it a much more effective tool than terrain surveillance – which is slower and more costly.

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