Integration & Test

Our approach ensures that products, services and systems meet the military, federal government, business, and civilian goals for which they are designed. Our aim is to detect and remove defects early in the program or project lifecycle.

Extensive Experience

Vidoori has extensive industry experience in strategic planning, evaluation, management and technical execution related to Test & Integration.

Our Independent Validation and Verification Methodology (IV&V) approach ensures that products, services and systems meet the business goals for which they are designed.

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Test Automation

Automated tests run (on average) 5x faster than manual tests. Increase productivity and ROI. Our team has converted thousands of independent test steps into automated scripts.

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Performance Testing

The Vidoori Performance Testing platform (VPT) provides large scale, on-demand, performance test capability. This tool is a cost-effective solution for cloud application capacity and response testing.

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Rigorous Testing Capabilities

Our capabilities provide for comprehensive testing of all aspects of functionality, integration & performance.

This includes the ability to validate documentation in addition to software. Our document validations capabilities allow us to review business requirements and design documentation for traceability and cohesiveness.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency

The 1:10:100 Quality Rule: fixing defects in requirements is 10x cheaper than a fix required during development; 100x cheaper than a fix in production.