The Role of Synthetic Data in Software Development

John Gilroy, the host of Federal Tech Podcast, sat down with Vidoori’s Data Practice Lead, Thomas George, to discuss the role of synthetic data in the software development lifecycle.

Tune in as Tom highlights the value of integration and testing across systems – stand-alone and integrated as a system of systems solution. He also speaks on synthetic data’s role in the software development lifecycle and the importance of privacy and security when dealing with civilian data.

Tom has led many of Vidoori’s projects that utilize synthetic data as part of an integration and test solution for U.S. Civilian agencies.

Excerpt from the Interview as Thomas George describes the value of integration and testing.

Federal Tech Podcast is a platform for innovators to show federal technology professionals how they can help federal agencies achieve their goals. Host John Gilroy of The Oakmont Group speaks the language of federal CISOs, CIOs and CTOs, and gets into the specifics for government IT systems integrators.

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